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January 09, 2005

The iHome Media Centre

Looks like somebody snuck into a storeroom at Macworld Expo and uncovered a new Apple product. It's the iHome Media Centre, and it looks like it has a DVD burner and possibly an HD DVR built-in as well. Could this be the headless iMac, or just a highly convincing attempt at a faked product? Fozbaca.org is mirroring the images in case the original site (linked to on fozbaca) is shut down by Apple.

UPDATE: It looks like, unfortunately, the pictures are fakes. Fairly well-done ones, but still fakes.
Facts against authenticity:
1. iHome is already copyrighted by another company.
2. The box packaging is messy and does not protect the product well.
3. On some pictures paper flaps can be seen hanging off the top of the box.
4. When the box is carried by the handle, the "iHome" would be upside-down.

Read Story [fozbaca.org]

Posted by Alan Joyce at January 9, 2005 05:46 PM

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