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June 07, 2005

WWDC 2005: Steve Jobs Keynote

Well, it's finally been announced, Apple is really switching over to Intel processors, and podcasting is really going to be a big part of iTunes 4.9. I haven't had time to watch the keynote myself yet, but Engadget's got a full report on the minutia of the speech if you want to see what was said without watching the whole thing yourself.

Posted by Alan Joyce at June 7, 2005 09:26 AM

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Hi Alan,

I'm really surprised of the decision to switch to a PC based platform of the Mac... It's well known that the PC based hardware is... outdated. It has not evolved since the 80's.... The Mac with it's own platform is much more efficient with no unique bus that controls all devices.
More over a Power PC is a wired-multitask processeur where as a Pentium is a monotask processor. Even a double core Pentium is less efficient than a G4...
Everybody knows that a PC based computer has lots of compatibility problem. Even great trade marks like HP/Compaq, Dell, etc... are a pain if you need to update the computer. Don't forget that a PC based computer is outdated when you buy it. Not an actual mac... But the next ?

If Mac goes PC, then you can be sure that manufacturer will build pseudo-"mac" based clone. And the past told us that Apple don't like clones.

So what's the point ? Seems like Steve Jobs enter a area he never wanted to. That's why he built the Mac.

Unofficially, you can learn that IBM is founding the CELL processor, which is a "super-PPC", on a fully new mainboard architecture, for the Playstation 3. Surpringly, where the CELL could have been used in the future Mac, Apple "has been refused" to use it...

Why ? A friend of mine told me that maybe IBM tries to cut all its links with Microsoft. And as Apple is partially sponsored by Microsoft (to avoid monopoly)...

Well, in conclusion, Apple goes back in time, where he was technologacally ahead. It's a surprising move from Steve Jobs. He is thinking money, better than creativity... Then, I may say that this is the beginning if the end of Apple ?


Posted by: Olivier at June 8, 2005 12:09 AM

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