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July 03, 2005

Tagging Photos With GPS Coordinates...The Easy Way

GPS TaggingI always thought it was hopeless to even try attaching lat/lon coordinates to photos without a proper digital camera gps attachment, but thankfully Phillip Torrone of Make: Magazine has proved me wrong and successfully used Google Maps to do the exact same thing. Check it out:

Here's the simple, non-techy way of tagging photos with the location of where you took them on planet Earth. There are lots of ways to do this, and I'll write about those later- but this is a fun thing to do over the holiday weekend. As an added bonus, I'll show you how to see your photos on a cool Mapping application called Mappr, as well as Google Earth...

Read [Make: Blog]

Posted by Alan Joyce at July 3, 2005 08:55 PM

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