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March 01, 2007

Quartz Composer Files on SL Prims

Quartz in SLQuartz in SL from Eric Rice
Upon seeing my previous post about experimenting with Quartz Composer, Eric Rice asked if it might be possible to put a Quartz Composer file on an object's surface in Second Life. Because SL allows you to put QuickTime movies on objects through video streaming, plugging in the URL of a quartz file exported to .mov format worked perfectly.

In various tests, it appears that almost any Quartz Composer file that can be exported to .mov and retain its functionality will work in the SL environment. We were even able to get one working that takes the feed from your iSight and displays it on an object, as well as one that I designed to take pictures from your Mac's "Pictures" folder and display them on a rotating cube. As with all Quartz Composer projects, this only works on Macs that support quartz, so users of Windows machines or older Macs are unfortunately out of luck.

The pictures above are of an iSight-based "security camera" screen that Eric built to give visitors to your land the feeling that they are being watched.

Posted by Alan Joyce at March 1, 2007 09:58 PM

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